The Art of Ninzuwu

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  Ninzuwu ancestor  Ninazu , later known as  Pazuzu , and in Asia as the race of the  Tengu , founders of the Art of Ninzuwu.

Ninzuwu ancestor Ninazu, later known as Pazuzu, and in Asia as the race of the Tengu, founders of the Art of Ninzuwu.


The core beliefs of Ninzuwu focus on the idea that enlightenment and immortality is obtained only through the cultivation of the subconscious mind and acts of virtue. While friendships and relationships with supernatural beings are encouraged, deities are not entreated for salvation. Nor is the term god associated with the idea of a creative force. The consciousness of life is regarded as the source of all things and what exists in life cannot be the creator of life. This includes gods and demons.

Each initiate must undergo a rite of passage that can take several years before entering other levels of its practice. Initiation includes a study of the Ninzuwu language called Vasuh. Memorization of certain incantations, an understanding of the Nyarzirian calendar, and the expression of specific clairvoyant abilities must also be practiced before one can access an etheric dimension called Nyarzir. Those who have achieved this level of initiation are honored with one of the sacred nine numeric glyphs found in the Ninzuwu language to add as a suffix to their name, or Bey, El, and Tzu. Other initiates will dedicate themselves to the study of a Ninzuwu martial art called Ame-no-Ukihashi.

Adherents of the culture view racial classifications and racism as the work of evil spirits and a hindrance to mankind’s evolution. It is believed that the human race must pass through the four phases of existence (hunter-gatherer, civilization, globalization, and celestialization) before reaching their full potential.