The Art of Ninzuwu

Fellowship of the Ghost Dragon Samurai


                                                                                       The Flag of Ninzuwu

                                                                                       The Flag of Ninzuwu


The Art of Ninzuwu is an ethno-shamanic tradition that was founded in 2015 by Messiah’el Bey and Rafael Barrio with the aim of preserving the heritage of those born of spirit-human parentage, Ninzuwu, while promulgating its philosophy, which draws heavily upon Moorish alchemy, Onmyodo, and Necronomicon mysticism.  

Ninzuwu can also be defined as "magicians of the Yi Jing." Its culture, ethnicity, and language are strongly interrelated to its animist practices.  The Art of Ninzuwu conducts spiritual healing services, education, exorcisms, and “good luck” Yi Jing divination.