The Art of Ninzuwu

The Official Site of Ninzuwu Culture


                                                                                           The Flag of Ninzuwu

                                                                                       The Flag of Ninzuwu


The Art of Ninzuwu is an ethno-shamanic tradition and esoteric philosophy with the aims of living in unity with nature and achieving a state of consciousness called Nyarzir (enlightenment). Ninzuwu practices of spiritual cultivation were established by the Ninzuwu themselves, but also draw influences from African Traditional Religions, Chaldean divination, Onmyodo, and Shinto.

Ninzuwu is commony defined as "Magicians of the Yi Jing." Its culture, ethnicity, and language are strongly interrelated to its animist practices.  The Art of Ninzuwu Inc. conducts spiritual healing services, education, exorcisms, and “good luck” divination.