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Healing Services


In the practice of Ghost Dragon Shamanism (Ninzuwu) exists a very unique and effective healing method, known as Amenonuhoko Healing. Ame-no-nu-hoko is a Japanese term that means “heavenly jeweled spear.” This restorative method has been useful in helping people rid themselves of even the most lethal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and aids.

The Ninzuwu utilizes the atmospheric electricity in a way that can be absorbed by the human body, and of which they become a conduit of during healing sessions. Clients of the Amenonuhoko treatments have often experienced extreme tranquility, relief from stressful thoughts, coupled by a complete recovery of the said illness. Healing sessions can also be administered to those at a distance. The costs of Amenonuhoko Healing Sessions are as follows:

Prices for Traditional (in-person) Amenonuhoko Healing

45 minutes = $45 (minimum length)

60 minutes = $60

Distant Amenonuhoko Healing

45 minutes = $30

60 minutes = $45

*$10 dollars for each additional 10 mins after an hour session.