The Art of Ninzuwu

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The Marie Laveau Corpus Text is the final initiatory teachings in the Art of Ninzuwu Series. The book covers the history and practical application of many of the Ninzuwu practices and entities. The reader is expected to familiar with The Ivory Tablets of the Crow. The history of Marie Laveau and her contribution to the Art of Ninzuwu, along with her "gospel," are presented in this text. Rare information about the Simon Necronomicon and its place in the Art of Ninzuwu Tradition is discussed in thorough detail, along with the history of a secret society, of which Shinto and Voodoo descended from and their relationship with Ninzuwu is provided. This book should serve as a valuable resource to those who are exploring the Ninzuwu path, along with occult history and so much more.